Information Technology Apprenticeships (Applications Specialist)

IT Application Specialist has been developed to provide opportunities for apprentices to acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding and develop the relevant skills underpinning the effective and competent use of information and communications technology. By completing this qualification, the apprentice will develop understanding and capability in the use of IT and teach how to use the software efficiently. We can also incorporate units for using bespoke or specialist IT software applications. By choosing these units we can make the qualification unique for  learning progression and specialise in a particular area. Aspects of this training are around improving productivity, understanding the potential of IT, and developing personal and team effectiveness when using IT. 

This course covers the broad range of advanced skills and knowledge required to perform IT tasks in any sector or industry. Units include:

Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Databases
E-Mail, Internet
Set Up an IT System
Website, audio, video, picture software
Security and Data Protection
Using Collaborative Technologies
Bespoke software

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