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  • 5 Minutes with Stacey Hall

    Stacey Hall completed her Level 2 and Level 3 IT Technical Professional Apprenticeship with ITEC Learning Technologies

    What has been the best thing about completing an apprenticeship?

    Knowing that all the work I put into my apprenticeship, both theoretical and practical, has got me where I am today. The support and teachings from my tutors at ITEC were great, but I know that without my own hard work, I wouldn’t have the multiple professional qualifications I have now. Although I work in the same place I did at the time of my apprenticeship (by choice), I have moved up and been promoted twice.

    How do you think an apprenticeship has benefitted your career?

    My apprenticeship has benefited me from the beginning. Allowing me to make my own choices and gave me personal, social and professional skills. My confidence would not be where it is today without being in a working environment from the start or without ITEC and the support given. I am still proud of my ‘IT Apprentice of the Year’ award.

    Would you recommend this route? If yes, why?

    Yes. I was able to study and work in the field of my choice .Along with theoretical studies from my tutors at ITEC, my practical studies at work really opened my eyes about the career I was stepping into.  I knew that, unlike University, if my apprenticeship wasn’t working out or it wasn’t what I thought it would be, I could change paths or end the course and not be left with a huge debt or the obligatory feeling that I needed to continue. I’m glad to say, I never had these thoughts as the process of getting me onto the course was well executed and suited to me, ITEC gave me reassurance that everything was in my hands. 

  • Camilla Hards

    This month we interview Camilla Hards, who completed a IT User apprenticeship with ITEC.

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