George Kirby

George Kirby

George Kirby completed both a level 2 and level 3 apprenticeship at Mercedes Benz of Ipswich

What were your thoughts and plans about your future career when you were coming up to leaving school?

When I was leaving school I wanted to go into the military, mainly the RAF. I applied and got an interview when I was 16, which for me was too young and I wasn’t ready. 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship after school or college?

I choose an apprenticeship because I liked the idea of ‘earning and learning’. Employers don’t give school/college leavers a chance to go straight into a full paid job role straight away, so I thought that completing an apprenticeship would be a good first stepping stone.

What was it like working for your employer? What did your job entail?

I work for Mercedes Benz in the service department. It’s good working for a big organisation because you have that added job security. My job consists of customer facing, follow up calls, bookings and dealing with difficult customers.  

What skills and knowledge have you gained through your apprenticeship?

I have gained functional skills qualifications and completed both my NVQ’s in business and customer service. Throughout my apprenticeship I gained a lot of customer facing skills and now know how a business comprehensively works. 

What would you say to other young people thinking about taking up an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend it. Some employers don’t always give school/college leavers the time of day anymore, so it is a great first stepping stone into a career. 

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