Joshua Barwick

Joshua Barwick

Joshua Barwick completed his Level 2 and Level 3 IT Technical Professional Apprenticeship with ITEC Learning Technologies and is now part of the IT Team at The Ritz!

Heres what he had to say: 

" I hope this email finds you and everyone at ITEC well. It is really good to hear from you and to know that the college is moving on. Firstly, everything at the Ritz is going incredibly well and I am extremely happy where I am. I settled in very quickly and 7 months on I am part of the family. We both know that the computer shop had its issues sometimes, however, the work and experience I gained there has given me the perfect start in terms of IT and how it has set me up for where I am now.

Secondly, none of this would've happened or be remotely possible without ITEC.Right from when you came into my school to advertise apprenticeships, to the day I completed my Level 3 and became MSCA. I am truly proud of how far I have come and will always remember the amazing people at ITEC who helped me along the way, from Darko's IT training to, the support I received from yourself. I have a lot to thank you all for."

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