Michael Brady

Michael is undertaking a business administration apprenticeship at Packaging aids in Basildon

What were your thoughts and plans about your future career when you were coming up to leaving school?

I had an open mind when leaving college but a small part of me always wanted to go into business.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship after school or college?

It wasn’t my original choice but when finding a workplace, I knew it was right as I needed to get more qualifications. 

What was it like working for your employer? What did your job entail?

Working for my Employer is enjoyable and wouldn’t want my apprenticeship anywhere else, they are supportive of my apprenticeship and is a well-run company. 

What skills do you feel you have gained from your course?

Through my apprenticeship I have gained knowledge of being in the workplace but also keeping a learning environment where I am able to focus and work through my coursework and qualifications.

What would you say to other young people thinking about taking up an apprenticeship?

If you’re looking to earn money while you’re learning then this is the place to go, you get paid a wage while you’re learning different aspects of a job and also gaining qualifications. Being more experienced, with more knowledge and being paid is exactly what you want to start your life with. 

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