FAQs - Apprenticeships

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Apprenticeships.

  • What are Functional Skills?


    If you did not achieve a grade C or above in Maths, English and I.T. at GCSE you will need to complete Functional Skills as part of your programme.  Some apprentices need to undertake all three, whilst others just need to do one.  You will attend ITEC for some training and then sit an exam.

  • Will I do day release?


    All learners on all Apprenticeship programmes will be required to attend ITEC at some point for workshop training, exams or to carry out portfolio work.  Some apprentices will attend weekly while others may only come in once a month.  We would discuss this with you at interview.

  • Who finds my work placement/job?


    ITEC work with you to find companies that are looking for an Apprentice to join their team.

    You are encouraged however to find your own placement or you may already be employed.

    All of the companies we work with are checked to ensure a safe and supportive working environment so you can learn as much as possible and succeed in your chosen career path.

  • Will I get paid?


    Yes you do!

    The minimum apprenticeship wage is £2.73ph.  Many companies will pay more than this or increase your money as you progress through your programme.

  • Will it cost me anything?


    No it won't!

    The apprenticeship is free to apprentices.  If you undertake professional qualifications as part of your programme your employer will pay for you to do these.

  • How do I apply?


    Complete one of our online application forms and hit the send button.  Once we have received your application we will invite you in for an Initial Assessment test and an interview.

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