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Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions asked by Employers.

  • Is there funding available for the apprenticeship?


    There is a criteria that your business will need to meet. Our Youth Programmes Team will discuss this with you as part of the recruitment process.

  • Do I have to pay ITEC anything to take on an apprentice?


    The only time you will need to pay anything to ITEC is if your apprentice undertakes professional qualifications as part of their programme or if the apprentice is aged 19 and above on the day that they start.   This would be discussed with you prior to making an offer to an apprentice.

  • How much do I pay the apprentice?


    There is a Minimum Apprenticeship wage that is currently £3.40 per hour. You can choose to pay the apprentice this, although we do encourage employers to pay more if they can afford to.

  • Who employs the apprentice?


    The apprentice is employed by you from day one.  You will need to issue them with a contract of employment – this can be permanent or fixed term for the duration of their apprenticeship.

  • How long does the apprenticeship last?


    The minimum duration of an apprenticeship is 12 months and 1 day.  Most apprenticeships last between 15 and 24 months – this will be determined by the type and level of programme selected.

  • What happens if the apprentice isn’t working out?


    The first thing you need to do is contact us. We will arrange a meeting with yourself and the apprentice and try and resolve the issues. We will agree a plan of action and a time frame for improvement. If the improvements are not met then we would look at ending the programme or disciplinary action – this would also be in line with the terms and conditions of your employment.

  • How many times will they need to go to the college?


    Again this will depend on the type of programme. Some apprentices attend weekly and for others it is every 6 weeks. You would be expected to allocate them some time towards their studies each week which they would match at home.

  • Who will visit the apprentice in the workplace?


    They will have regular meetings with their assessor and or tutor – some of these might be held at the college. In addition to this they will have reviews that are carried out at 12 weekly intervals – the line manager will be required to attend these meetings.

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