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When I was younger my Dad said to me, learn to type and you’ll always have a job. So learn to type I did, and off to the bright lights of London I crept to take the typing world by storm (or so I thought).

Looking back, not only was I not a great typist (I still can’t touch type to this day) but I didn’t in fact take anything by storm, more a gentle breeze. What I did find however, was the world of cut, copy, paste, and more importantly I.T.

What developed was, and still is, a fascination for technology and all that it does. How it works, why it works, and of course what is wrong when it doesn’t. These are the things I love.

When I started to work in I.T. it didn’t really occur to me that being female made a difference. It wasn’t until I started courses and travelling around, that I realised that I was very much the odd one out. All my life I had wanted to be the “IT” girl, and suddenly I was the I.T. girl.

People are slightly bemused by the girl who is a techy, but as I point out, this profession is more naturally female than you think - A genuine nosiness as to what makes things work or not work; a stubborn / I will not be beaten approach to anything challenging; a patient and calm manner to deal with the most difficult of clients; does that sound male to you?

These days there is still an element of surprise, but generally my client base is people and companies who I have now known for a long time, or recommendations from those people, so they know before I reach them that a woman is on her way.

I have always been a tomboy granted, but I am a Daughter, Wife, and a Mother too, a connection for everyone whoever they may be, whilst fixing their IT troubles, and that’s what makes it great.

And so you see, I have come to love the fact that I am the I.T. girl who stands out from the crowd, because now I am the “IT” girl too – the girl who has it all.

And finally, because business is business and you should never miss an opportunity, here is a shameless plug for Denise Dormer IT Services because ladies, we’re worth it!” 

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