Pre Apprenticeship Training for 16-18 Year Olds

Why did you choose the Academy Programme rather than an apprenticeship, or conventional college course?

I attended Chelmsford College upon leaving school and received the Level 2 NVQ in Engineering. After this, I decided that IT was my forte and began to explore other options that would help me gain the relevant knowledge and skills to pursue a career in IT. Essex County Council referred me over to ITEC and at first; I thought an apprenticeship would be the right route for me. Upon my arrival to ITEC, Amanda advised me that they were running a one year IT course to help people prepare for an apprenticeship and the wider working world, the Academy Programme. I chose the Academy Programme as I did not want to be in a conventional college course where I would attend 5 days a week and potentially read from a whiteboard with revision and large class sizes. I was also attracted by the 2 day per week work experience that I would be able to access through the Academy Programme.

What is your favourite aspect of the Academy Programme and why?

My favourite aspect so far would be the PC Maintenance course that I have just received a Distinction grade for. My main aim is to progress to ‘Pen’ testing, so all the professional qualifications that I am receiving through the Academy Programme are helping me build a solid knowledge base to help me on my way in my future career.

Do you feel like the Academy Programme is setting you up for your future career in IT?

Definitely, as I’ve mentioned before, the professional qualifications are really helping me strengthen my knowledge base for my future career. I am looking forward to getting out there and earning money, with the confidence that the Academy Programme has given me.

At the half way mark, do you feel like you have made the right decision in choosing the Academy programme?

Definitely, I’m glad I chose this route rather than continuing at college, or an apprenticeship.

Will you be pursuing an apprenticeship after completion of the Academy programme?

I am to start an IT apprenticeship upon completing the Academy Programme. I am looking forward to putting to use my experience from my work placement through ITEC.

What advice would you give to anyone considering the Academy Programme at ITEC?

It is a really good opportunity; you gain great IT skills through the professional qualifications and work experience which is an excellent start if you know you definitely want a career in IT.

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